An Ode To Claire’s Garden

In our little backyard grows rows of vegetables. We have an abundance of tomatoes, hidden zucchinis and cucumbers, rows of lettuce and herbs to infuse our meals. My housemate Claire has lovingly and diligently grown these plants. It’s amazing to watch it all go from small seedlings to a little jungle. The amount of produce that Claire’s garden has given out is amazing. We have enjoyed fresh homemade salads and Claire has given some overflow to friends and neighbors.


You Can’t Catch Me… ner…oh…

I was never good at playing tag. I was always too slow. Here I am… I’m IT again.. but this time it’s awesome! I love that Steph has tagged her blog tag post “awesome”. She’s the one that got me. Like Steph, I love that it’s a game with words and not the sporty type. It’s too hot to move here in Melbourne today anyway! Like any game it has rules….

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

Here’s me when I had lovely hair. It had pink in it….


It’s longer and still blonde, except the roots which give it all away.

Ok, so 11 facts… this will make a total of 25 facts about me pasted all over my blogs. I feel like a celebrity. You know, everyone knows all about you but you don’t know them?!

1. I don’t like the heat although I loved visiting Africa. It was the constant dodgy belly that did me in.

2. I am a hoarder, not like the ones you see on TV though. I can still see my bed from my bedroom door.

3. I only have 6 subjects to go in my Bachelor of Arts in Ministry!!!

4. I’m going on a road trip to Sydney with my best friend and her 2.5 year old on Monday!!!

5. Superman is my favourite superhero.

6. I watched Rambo and I liked it.

7. When I move into my own place I’d like to get a turtle and a cat although I can see possible problems with that combination.

8. It’s too hot today. I should go to the beach but I sunburn just opening the blinds. I am also prone to exaggerate.

9. I love to cook but I don’t let people know. I can cook a decent meal too!

10. I am very artistic and can paint and draw well but space and motivation (lack thereof) has limited me for many years. That’s why I took up photography.

11. My dream is to be a foster mum.

Now to answer Steph’s questions: 

  1. Who is your favourite celebrity and why? Angelina Jolie. She’s beautiful, has adopted kids from overseas and planted orphanages. She has done good things with her fame.
  2. If you could take one thing into outer space that wasn’t for survival what would it be? An iPad or eReader with 100’s of books of all types loaded on it.
  3. Lemon sorbet or double chocolate ice cream? Double chocolate ice cream all the way!!!! I do like trying other creamy flavors but I tend to always go for the chocolate. I was really excited when the girl at the ice cream shop let me have a half scoop of chocolate and half scoop of something else the other week.
  4. What music do you listen to? Loads of different types, this week my favourites are P!nk (as usual), Emeli Sande, Jesus Culture and Mumford and Sons. This song is a great motivator to write: 
  5. What’s your favourite movie of all time? This is such a hard one! Despite my preference for action, adventure and sci fi – it’s probably Dirty Dancing. I saw Silver Linings Playbook last night and I think it might end up being a very close 2nd. Les Miserables is also up there
  6. How many pairs of shoes do you own? I haven’t counted them recently but I’d say about 10.
  7. If you could have any animal, real or imagined, for a pet what would it be? A pride of lions without a doubt!!!
  8. Beer or wine? Or maybe something stronger? Beer for the hot days and wine for dinner.
  9. If Bert and Ernie could have kids, and they had a baby would it be a boy or a girl? Name the baby. It would be a girl and her name would be Matilda. She’d hang with Abby Cadabby and Zoe a lot.
  10. If your skin could be any colour in the rainbow, or combinations of colours, what would you choose? Blue? Purple? Rainbow with sparkles? I’d just like to have porcelain white skin. No freckles or moles or spots, just nice smooth skin. I am pale but freckled and go pink when I am hot.
  11. Truth or dare? Truth. If I could control the dare I’d choose that but then that defeats the purpose of a dare!

Now.. I will create some questions

1. If you could have lunch with anyone present, past, future, real or fictional who would you choose?

2. What would you want to talk to them about?

3. What is your favorite colour?

4. Sweet or savoury?

5.What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

6. How is your day going?

7. If you had unlimited resources what would you do?

8. Who would you cast as yourself in a movie about you?

9. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?

10. Why is it so hot today?

11. What’s the last thing you watched at the cinema?

Now to tag some people then flop back under the fan….. Be a dear and join in will you all?

1. Parenting and Stuff

2. Snide Reply

3. My Novel Addiction


Ok… time to flop…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This one is late. It’s a blinking obvious photo too. I’ve put the word in there. Wait though, there’s a story behind it.

First, the pictures!


DSC_0029 (2)

The story is this, I have moved around a LOT throughout my life. As a child my family moved about and I continued the habit through my early twenties. Fortunately I’ve slowed down over the past decade and I tend to settle in one place for at least 1-2 years. Finding a new home has not always been fun, at times it’s been exciting but other times it hasn’t been a choice that I made. There have probably been more times that I have been forced to move on than a choice in my hands.

When this photo challenge came up I was thrown into a lengthy discussion with myself (sanity is overrated!). What IS “home”? Where is MY home? If home is where my heart is, where is my heart? Is that really where my home is? Definitions of my home included bland words such as “dwelling” and “residence” but they also include words such as “refuge” and “place of safety”. I’ve always had a residence in which to live, but is that what a home is? To add further confusion to my home discussion, I have always sought refuge in other homes – those of friends and family. I tend to have 2-3 “second homes”  where I am comfortable, this of course is due to my relationship with the home makers there. At times my actual home of the time has not held safety or refuge and I have been more at home at my “second home”.

All of this has lead to a bit of messy thinking when it comes to “home”. I tend to live with the anticipation that I will be uprooted and forced to move again.  Despite the fact that I have a wonderful homely home that I live in, I will sometimes feel more at home at one of my second homes.  I will literally live with boxes unpacked and have a list of things to do in that home that never gets done.

Today, I am blessed. I live with a wonderful family who have embraced me with kindness, compassion and I have become a part of their family. It was thinking of this home concept that I’ve realised that  over the past 20 months I have grown deep roots into this home and family. God gave me a wonderful place to grow and a true home. I knew it, but I have had a deeper revelation that physically, emotionally and mentally I have been planted into this home.  Home is where I am planted, where He guides me to go. I bought these letters to remind me of that each and every day. I have a home, a refuge and safe place in this house and with this family. I just realised I have no boxes unpacked here and most of my “to do” list to organise my bedroom is done! That in itself powerfully reveals how much I have settled here.

No longer will I live with itchy, anxious feet, anticipating the certainty of change before it happens. God goes before me and with me, He provides my home for me.  I will not be living here forever, my physical home will change and yet I will create another home with unpacked boxes and to do lists completed. Perhaps, I will welcome others into my home and give them a safe place to be loved and treated with kindness.


Sara xo

All Tied Up

*This is not a movie review, it’s some ramblings about my musings on life triggered by a movie. Also be ready for some generalisations! Feel free to argue with me after reading this post 🙂

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the new Les Miserables movie twice at the cinemas. Both times I was swept away by the story, the characters, the music and the raw emotional outpourings of the characters through song. For over two hours I was on an emotional roller coaster ride that I have rarely experienced on the big screen. As I have reflected on the movie, it is the pure, raw emotion that hits me to the core. As a melancholic introvert, I find raw emotion to be thrilling. Even when it’s Fantine at the depths of her despair. I have tried to think of another movie that has the same effect on me, yet I find none. Perhaps Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge comes close, another musical!

Some movie’s these days are superficial compared to the musicals of old. We’re left to figure out through dialogue, facial expression, body language, content and story line to know what is happening in the minds of the characters. Generally this is enough, we know what is happening and what they are thinking and feeling in general and we laugh and cry. Les Miserables takes it that one step further. Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe’s acting was overwhelmingly……awesome. Awesome in the true meaning of the word. Throughout the movie the viewer is drawn into each character’s mind and inner turmoil. Songs like “I Dreamed a Dream“, (click to listen) are soliloquys that reveal what is happening within the person’s mind and soul. These moments bring us deeply into the movie and deeper into the character’s psyche. We experience the emotions powerfully as they are expressed eloquently through words and music. The human soul is displayed for all of us to see.

After watching it twice I have wondered so many things about emotion and it’s expression…

Were people more expressive in the old days? The impression that I get is that we’re more verbal and free with our emotions in this era. Yet at the same time most of us are all tied up. Sometimes I don’t actually know what I am feeling and sometimes I know but I can’t express it. Sometimes I know exactly what I feel and how to express it but don’t  for fear of being rejected for my highly emotional tendencies (the blessing and curse of an introvert). So many people are too tied up in trying to play the part of having it all together. We don’t speak of our emotions regularly, I don’t think many people would know how to.

Is that a modern day dilemma? Surely the literature and plays of older times expressed and revealed a person’s inner workings much more strongly than now. Think of Shakespeare, the Bronte Sisters and others. The arts have many functions in our world and one of them is to tell a story and take us on a journey. Paintings, movies, stories – they express and engage us in the human experience of emotions. A lot of blockbusters are action films where it’s all about saving the day and shooting the bad guys. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good action film! But in these it’s all about the special effects and people don’t get sad, they get mad and shoot some bad guys.

Les Miserables takes us on a ride through the rainbow of the human mind and emotions. It’s a musical of old that has highlighted to me how much we’ve actually “buttoned up” in our expression in both personal lives and within the movie world. It is incredibly refreshing to see the human heart and soul out there on the big screen, joyous, in love, broken, bent, despairing and touched by the grace of God.





Thirty Two Plus Two

32 + 2 followers! Again, I’m humbled and overwhelmed. Thanks to all 3shot_13450317422104 of you for following my musings, it’s so encouraging to have you all aboard the musings journey. I am excited about having so many along this blogging journey. I genuinely hope and pray that my blog brings light to your life. I’ve found that vulnerability and transparency are incredibly powerful in our own and others lives. Knowing that others struggle reminds me that I’m not alone. In honor of my 32 plus 2 followers, I’ll share a story about 32 with you.

Do you like my candles? I turned 32 in August last year and the actual day was one of disappointment. Most of my birthdays something happens, my counselor found that fascinating..hehehe.. This year a few things happened out of anyone’s control and my original plans went out the window. I had kept it all simple and low key to avoid any disappointment and I got it anyway. This just pushes all the low self worth buttons that I am trying to deal with.

The lead up to my birthday had been great, but my actual birthday half my guests couldn’t make it and my close friends had massive turmoil happening in their life. By the end of the night I was miserable, I had an amazing Superman cake made by my cousin but everyone was subdued and there were no candles. After going out for dinner we got home and I wandered if they were going to sing happy birthday. Everyone went about their business then I sulked. Not just went quiet, I went to my room and sat on the bed and sulked. I was “just changing into my PJ’s”. Slowly. There may or may not have been some tears.

Someone knocked after a bit and asked if we were going to do cake… “Nope, there’s no candles” I called through the door. I sulked some more. Why me? Why does it always happen on my birthday? Why can’t I just have one birthday that is fun? I’ve got an amazing cake but no one to enjoy it with…etc etc…I wandered out and they asked if I was ok. “Not really” I mumbled.

I don’t really remember the next bit, locked in my sulkiness. But then there was some banging and crashing from the kitchen and talking and laughing. Sulk, sulk, sulk went I. Next thing I know in comes two of the friends with a proud 32 brightly burning on my cake. Everyone sang happy birthday. I smiled, we all laughed and the mood was much lighter after that.

That zero turned into a two is the best candle I’ve ever had. These friends that I have are the best friends I’ve had. They probably thought I was being ridiculous over candles. Yet they knew it was important to me and they made me smile and feel special. Friends to walk with us on the journey of life is essential. My near friends that I drink tea with regularly and those that I only share a virtual cup of tea with, they are all important to me. Without them all, my mental health issues would be far worse. If anyone needs to share, an “ear” to listen, a virtual friend, always feel free to contact me.


Sara xo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

DSC_0289I thought and I thought about this one. I’m single and sometimes bitter about that fact so I didn’t want to do anything romantic. Besides, I tend to find the mushy stuff too mushy and predictable. Romantic love is just not a part of my life at the moment. I thought about doing something about friendship, family, God, Jesus etc etc.  As usual I wanted to express my Weekly Photo Challenge in a creative and meaningful way. As I was driving along one day I remembered this picture.

This is is little Sarah, my almost 4 year old housemate. We have a mutual adoration society between the two of us that makes my heart smile each and every single day. I captured this photo in one of those magical moments of a child’s life. She LOVES the beach, she is captivated by the sand, water and shells. I love this photo as I’ve captured her in a moment of pure joy and abandonment.  A moment where she is loving life without restrictions.

Love for me at the moment is about learning to love my life. To be captivated and in love with who and what I have around me. I have so much love in my life – to give and receive.

One of my life goals, one of the most important ones, is to love life with joy and abandonment just like this moment in little Sarah’s life.