One Lovely Blog Award


I quickly checked my blog the other morning before heading out off on a mini break. It was before my morning coffee and not long after I’d awoken. It takes me a while for my brain to kick in and I am actually able to think. I blearily looked at my stats, seeing I’d had some likes on my post I’d published the night before. I also noticed a comment and it took me a few minutes to work out what had happened. JodetteP nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! It’s a lovely award and I’m so humbled and grateful to have received it. It’s my first ever award and it’s encouraging that in my plodding and blogging along, people are reading and enjoying my musings.

It’s also lovely because it’s not just about me, I have to pass the loveliness on as part of the rules of receiving the award. Now, the rules are as follows:

  1. Share seven things about yourself.
  2. Pass the award on to another 7 bloggers.
  3. Give thanks to the Lovely one that tagged you!

Here’s the bit about me:

  1. I live in a constant state of mess vs order. Order keeps my head clear and calm and yet my flutterby tendencies flitter around and cause the mess. Both physically and mentally!
  2. I love swimming (watching and doing it), soccer and tennis. The latter two are purely spectator sports in my life!
  3. I will only ever own a red car. They go faster.
  4. Music makes my world go around.
  5. I am one of 5 kids and have 3 nieces and a nephew. I also collect nieces and nephews and have 2 nephews and a niece by “adoption”.
  6. I love the beach but I cannot stand the sand! I live in a
  7. I don’t like bad grammar and spelling at all, I can spot it a mile away. Yet I am guilty of it, so please, point it out if I slip up in a post!

Here’s the fun bit, I get to pass it on. Then others pass it on. It’s a snow ball of encouragement in the blogosphere. So, without further ado, my 7 bloggers are:

  1. Married to an Alcoholic
  2. Nicole at The Middlest Sister
  3. Alison at Hippy Habits
  4. Matleena at The In-Between
  5. Linda at Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities
  6. Leanne Cole at Leanne Cole Photography
  7. Rarasaur

Love to you all,

Sara xo


3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

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