One Lovely Blog Award


I quickly checked my blog the other morning before heading out off on a mini break. It was before my morning coffee and not long after I’d awoken. It takes me a while for my brain to kick in and I am actually able to think. I blearily looked at my stats, seeing I’d had some likes on my post I’d published the night before. I also noticed a comment and it took me a few minutes to work out what had happened. JodetteP nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! It’s a lovely award and I’m so humbled and grateful to have received it. It’s my first ever award and it’s encouraging that in my plodding and blogging along, people are reading and enjoying my musings.

It’s also lovely because it’s not just about me, I have to pass the loveliness on as part of the rules of receiving the award. Now, the rules are as follows:

  1. Share seven things about yourself.
  2. Pass the award on to another 7 bloggers.
  3. Give thanks to the Lovely one that tagged you!

Here’s the bit about me:

  1. I live in a constant state of mess vs order. Order keeps my head clear and calm and yet my flutterby tendencies flitter around and cause the mess. Both physically and mentally!
  2. I love swimming (watching and doing it), soccer and tennis. The latter two are purely spectator sports in my life!
  3. I will only ever own a red car. They go faster.
  4. Music makes my world go around.
  5. I am one of 5 kids and have 3 nieces and a nephew. I also collect nieces and nephews and have 2 nephews and a niece by “adoption”.
  6. I love the beach but I cannot stand the sand! I live in a
  7. I don’t like bad grammar and spelling at all, I can spot it a mile away. Yet I am guilty of it, so please, point it out if I slip up in a post!

Here’s the fun bit, I get to pass it on. Then others pass it on. It’s a snow ball of encouragement in the blogosphere. So, without further ado, my 7 bloggers are:

  1. Married to an Alcoholic
  2. Nicole at The Middlest Sister
  3. Alison at Hippy Habits
  4. Matleena at The In-Between
  5. Linda at Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities
  6. Leanne Cole at Leanne Cole Photography
  7. Rarasaur

Love to you all,

Sara xo



Katie brushed a strand of her blonde hair out of her face. Her hand worked in circles, polishing the table with a bright yellow cloth. As the dark brown circle of wood shone under her work, Katie daydreamed about her life, her Mum, little brother and the aunt that lives close by. Her musings were interrupted by the familiar jingle of the restaurant’s front door. She looked up and saw that a lone woman clad in a large red jacket had walked into the simple and homely restaurant that was known as “Mamma Josie’s”.  She hadn’t seen her before, but that was not unusual. Mamma Josie’s had it’s regulars that rarely deviated from their standard order. Kate was simply glad for the customer, Monday lunch was always too quiet. It was just Kate, the cook and Josie herself on Mondays, that was all that was needed.

The little restaurant was owned and managed by Josie McMillan, a woman who had a mid life crisis soon after her husband had his. Kate had heard that she was a big wig corporate woman who sold all her shares and bought this restaurant. The place had been in a mess, Kate had seen the photos, Josie had worked hard and invested thousands to create the ambiance of a grandmother’s kitchen. The menu items, round wooden tables and chairs and blue curtains made it homely and Kate had decided a while ago that Josie had indeed achieved her goal. The walls were white and bright and here and there were sunflowers bursting out of vases. They were in season and so they were real. Josie had shown Kate the plans for renovating the area at the back of the shop. A cottage garden would replace the straggly grass, tables and picnic benches would sit in the shade of the big tree that had been there forever. Kate forgot what kind of tree it was.

Kate smiled at the lady, “Take a seat anywhere you like. I’ll be right with you.” The lady nodded, her bobbed hair moving with the motion. She chose a two seated table by the front window, removing her big red jacket and settling into the chair. The woman’s hair was perfectly styled in a shoulder length cut, a rich brown shade hiding any greys that may or may not be there. She looked to be in her mid 30’s, perhaps closer to 40. Kate wondered if she was on her lunch break or meeting someone, the woman was dressed smartly. A plain black skirt that reached the top of strong legs and a white with black trim ruffled top was an outfit that could be worn for either. Hmmm, thought Kate, she’s wearing light make up. Just enough for the day time. Kate saw that the stockinged legs ended in a modest pair of black heels. The young waitress enjoyed her job, enjoyed the people and enjoyed trying to figure people out.  The lady looked nervous, fiddling with the ruffles, her silver watch, silver chain necklace and shooting glances out the window. Was she in a rush? Maybe waiting for someone? Would she need a second menu? Kate collected two menus and walked to the lady, her waitress smile automatically lighting up her face.

“Welcome to Mamma Josie’s” said Kate.

This is my first time responding to the Weekly Writing Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, hope it was just as fun to read.


Sara xo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

The piece of metal that kept a man in solitary confinement.

The piece of metal that kept a man in solitary confinement.

There was a day that I explored buildings that were old and worn. I studied Richmond Gaol in Tasmania, a little town that is one of the oldest I’ve ever visited. The gaol is one of the best preserved and oldest standing convict gaol’s in Australia. I discovered the section marked “Men’s Solitary”.  People were wandering through other parts of the gaol, I could hear their voices carried by the wind. I stood in one of the solitary cells, studying the worn wood, the floor that heads would have lain on and the lock that held them in. I stood almost alone in these empty walls and yet they felt full. They hold memories within their enclosed walls that is beyond my comprehension.

In the walls of that cell, a man would have known hunger.
There has always been food on my plate.
Men would have known pain.
I have never known violence.
Men would have known fear.
I have always been safe.
The men that were locked here were rejected, criminilised and treated like animals for crimes. Some meagre.
I have always known love.

It was the lock that fascinated me. Simple, crude, strong. Men inside this solitary cell would have sat dreaming of the world beyond the lock. Dreaming of a life beyond the walls of their prison. As I studied the cell, snapping details of wood and locks, I wondered. Questions filled my mind from the simple to the deep.

How did they sleep on nothing but a wooden floor?
Did they have a bucket to do their business?
Did they talk to each other through the walls? (I guess not – it was solitary confinement after all).
What were their crimes? Stealing bread to survive? Violence amongst the other prisoners? Bushrangers? Murders? Rapes?
Did they come from the UK?
Were they born from other convicts born here a generation before?
What did they think about in the long hours (Weeks? Months? Years?) alone?
Did some give up and die on the inside?
Did others fight until the end?
In the darkness did they pray?
Alone in the darkness did they know the light of God?  

Whatever the answers to all of my questions, I know one thing. Our land of Australia was built on the backs of these prisoners. Blood, sweat, tears, pain, years of labour to build and reap harvests. The life I know now is greatly due to the men and woman beyond this time and deep in our past. I can not comprehend much about the prisoners of Richmond Gaol, but I deeply honour and respect them all.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


Illumination. I wanted something snazzy with bright lights and vibrancy. I wanted something cool, something that pops.

Instead I present you with this, the street that I live on. It was dusk and as I arrived home I watched a car make it’s way down. I love the way that the bright light eerily highlights objects. A brick fence grows from nowhere and the rest of the image is almost indistinct. A sky that is still holds some light can be seen through a tree.


Twenty Five

Final 25 Followers

I have 25 people following my humble musings. Well, actually logging in again I’ve seen it’s risen to 26. Thank you…. I appreciate you all reading my words and studying my photographs. I’ve even drawn you a picture.

I’m loving this blogging ride, loving my new Nikon 3200 and playing around with editing in Picasa (as you can see). Does anyone recommend a particular photo editing software?

Please feel free to comment and give constructive feedback on anything you read or see, I’ll try and keep up with you all too. If there’s anything in particular that you want me to read/see please let me know.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend.


Sara xo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved




Resolved. Having made a decision, I have set my mind to a task. The resolutions we make are the choices we make to make our life better. There’s so many jokes going around about New Years Resolutions not being met. They’re funny I must admit, yet at the start of each year I have that firm belief that it is a precious moment to move from. A chance to start again, a fresh slate. A change in digits can signify new beginnings.

I’ve been on a mad clear out at work and less so at home. My housemate laughed and said it must be my Scottish blood – not sure that I have any by the way. Other friends told me of their Scottish Mother who would clean the house from top to bottom before the first of January each year. It had to be done! Including the fire put out and the hearth cleaned, in the midst of winter while the snow lay on the ground. Brrr!!

What’s all this mean for me? I have two resolutions – to take better care of myself. That’s a boring but profound one that I may share another day. The other is to write. Blog, short stories, kids stories, novels,  journals, letters, emails… I will write until I can write no more.  As a child I would write for hours and hours. When I write my brain processes stuff, it creates and grinds away. I love to think and by writing I will constantly think and ponder. Writing makes my spirit soar. I fell into a groove of writing in 2012, blogging and started a novel in the NaNoWriMo in November. This is one of my favorite achievements of this past 12 months, of reclaiming my dreams to write and create. I have loved writing my other blog A Flutterby In Stitches, in which I share my knitting and now crochet projects. It started as a motivator to finish some projects and now I am enjoying sharing mine and other’s progress.

At the ending of one year and the beginning of the other, I will take this opportunity to urge myself forward. To clear out clutter in mind, spirit and my room.

Do you think resolutions are a joke? What are you resolved about?


Sara xo

p.s The lovely journal in the picture was a Christmas gift from my parents. It’s stunning! The pen is hand carved from Tasmanian wood. I bought it whilst on holiday there.


The D3200 Has Arrived

Well, the day has finally come! My Nikon D3200 has arrived. I have a fancy pants DSLR camera to take fancy pants photos with. I am time poor this morning, but I just had to share the excitement with you all. I can now do my Weekly Photo Challenge on a real camera.

Of course I’ve taken some photos…. mainly shameless selfies. Here’s one of me, sleep deprived and jumping up and down on the inside with excitement.

Any tips for a beginner DSLR photographer?!