Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


I spent the larger part of a day soaking up the atmosphere of Salamanca Market on Saturday the 27th of October. It was in the middle of my Tasmanian holiday, I spent the weekend exploring some of the island state. I had in my excited little hands a fancy pants digital SLR camera that my friends had leant me for the trip to Hobart from their place near Devonport. To my further excitement there was a collection of vintage cars on show. I’m not a car fanatic by any means, but I love old cars. A remnant of my childhood. We were dragged to car shows as kids by a father who is a mechanic and loves cars. A lot. I can’t tell you what this car is. It was a white one and this is the front light with a bit of the grill there too.

I deserted my road trip buddy for a good hour or two to obsess and capture these vehicles. The sun and overhanging ancient trees created photos with many interesting reflections. I chose this photo as the refection captures an essence of my day soaking in ambiance at the market. The blue skies littered with white clouds and sunshine. Old trees providing shade and people thronging around. I haven’t edited this photo, it is one that is completely untouched.

Oh, by the way… new followers.. THANKS! Welcome, so excited to see you here.


Sara xo


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