Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Firstly… A HUGE shout out to my new followers! It’s very exciting to see some people around here regularly. Many thanks and I look forward to getting to know you more in this blogging world.

I balked at this weeks challenge. Geometry just means maths after all and most things mathematical I tend to balk. I had a think about it and then wandered around the yard. I was at a friend’s house in Tasmania. The house is 131 years old and is on a vineyard, plenty of opportunities for stunning photographs. I wandered around and actually ended up with quite a few photos that I liked. They were all taken with my camera phone and edited in Picasa. I found this one little corner that had an old brick chimney, the weather boards, a water tank and some lilies. This little nook created some beautiful shapes and textures to explore…. as you will see 🙂

And a couple of images from around the property….

I was truly blessed to have stayed here for almost two weeks. Not only because of the beautiful setting but because of my friends that welcomed me into their home.

Finally, something a little different…. the scarf that I am working on at the moment. Knitting is all geometry really.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

    • I haven’t actually! But it makes sense. Knitting is a formulaic craft, it’s all about the maths and patterns. Funny, seeing as I don’t like maths. I love to knit and create something beautiful. I also love to knit as it’s predictable, rhythmic and gives me focus and order in an at times crazy world. I love knitting so much I have another blog devoted to it!

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