What Now?

I’ve enjoyed doing a daily post. Especially one that expressed thankfulness for all of the amazing things that I have in my life. I set out to do the 10 Days of Gratefulness for a couple of reasons (which you can read in detail here). Mainly for my own need to inject and encourage positive thinking into my own head. To begin to change the negativity I have around my birthday. I also did it to start rolling along in my blogging. The 10 days finished a week ago and I found myself wondering… did it work?

Well, the 10 Days of Gratefulness has indeed motivated me to write my blog each day. I found myself thinking about the next one and building up excitement for the blogs to come. I enjoyed going over in my mind what I would write. Not just for one day but for the entire week. I planned and thought forward rather than just writing on a whim. I am definitely motivated to write more, but what next for Musings of a FlutterbyBear??!! (ideas welcome!) I don’t want to do an endless line of “10 Days of…” It’s fun once in while but boring for all if it’s pumped out continuously.

The other reason I wanted to do 1o Days of Gratefulness was to avoid the slump or low mood that I feel towards my birthday. Did it work? I think it actually did. My birthday week was pretty awesome  overall. The actual day was such an anticlimax that it almost ended in tears. I’d tried to keep it simple and it still didn’t work out. This was due to factors outside of my and others control. It’s still not fair though! Through all of this I have hit some slumps and felt bleh. Yet the negativity has started to shift. I didn’t expect everything to change over night – or even over 10 days!

A life time of low self esteem and low self worth is something that likes to cling and stick. My 10 days of looking at the blessings in my life has begun to dissolve the bits that do not bring me life. Change is happening, life is stirring in my heart where there was once numbness or pain.

Yep. It’s worked. But what now? Not sure. We’ll see.


Sara xoxo


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