10 Days of Gratefulness: Day 3 – My Body

I went for a swim this morning. Now don’t go thinking that I’m some super athletic fitness fanatic. I’m quite possibly the complete opposite of that. My swims are more of a once a month habit than a once a day routine. I’m working on changing that though. I need to keep my back in good condition so that I can knit!

I love swimming, I feel alive as I move through the water. I’m a decent swimmer, I learnt to swim at Sorrento Pier (in Victoria, Australia)  almost before I could walk. Some of my earliest memories are of being passed around by adults and jumping off the pier. That was of course before the pier was upgraded for the car ferry… those were the days.

Anyway, as I swam I thought about this body of mine. I am grateful for my body today, for it’s strength in swimming and for being pretty amazing. The body is an amazing network of blood, tissue, organs, nerves, bones and other bits and pieces. It truly is a wonderful thing that God has lovingly created. It is intricate in detail and if one detail isn’t quite right then we know about it. The fact that I was born with all my pieces together is a miracle. I’ve worked with adults with disabilities for years and so I know deeply the gift of a body and mind that functions at full health and capacity.

Despite my extra weight, viruses that come and go and a slightly dodgy back, I am in quite good health. Over the years my body has suffered under my outright abuse (junk food, the wild and free years of thinking alcohol was the solution and answer to all of life’s problems) and simple neglect. Yet it marches on, going through life still intact. I haven’t always liked my body and some days it is not my friend. I’ve always battled with weight and have disliked this body for many years. Yet today I am thankful for my health and admit that yes it is not perfect, but that’s because I need to treat it with more  kindness and love.


Sara xoxox


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