10 Days of Gratefulness: Day 2 – Friends

The thing that actually sparked the idea for my little gratitude journey was simply thinking of my friends. I was awash with gratitude as I thought of the friendships that exist in my life. Both now and throughout my life. Living far away from my family means that loneliness and isolation from a deep community can be an issue. Throw into the mix a couple of self worth issues and it’s a whole ball of fun. The friends that God has placed into my life are amazing and a constant blessing to me. I love them as big as the whole wide world and I want to take this time to boast about it and be thankful for them.

Today I am thankful for women like Sally and Jill who from the moment I met each of them have loved me like Jesus. Over the past 5 or 6 years they have shown a broken girl that it is ok to love and journey with friends.

Jill who is the best friend (the one with the dark hair in the pic, the other one is me) who will come to collect me after a car accident at the crack of dawn. A friendship that I treasure as we’ve both learned to walk together as friends through life. A friend that will make me a cup of tea and listen but at the same time tell me to get my act together when I need it. A woman of God who is passionate and who wholly loves the people that walk into her life.

Sally, my intercontinental friend, who has seen me. She has really seen who I am through the brokenness and called out the truth of who Sara is from day 1. She continues to pray and speak life into my darkest moments. Who tells me I am amazing. And means it. Her fire, passion and love for Jesus is amazing. When I think of Sal, I think of Jesus.

Then there’s my housemates, Claire, JD, Sarah and bubs. A family who have welcomed me into their home and been a consistent place of love, kindness and warmth. They inspire me with their genuine kindness, generosity and heart for people. Not just towards me but the people that come into their world. They have become my friends and I am blessed and honoured to do day to day life with them.

Amelia, another woman of God who has really seen me in amongst the messy bits. Who has encouraged me through the ups and downs of life.

Last but not least are the long distance friends, Karly, Adrian, Alison, Linda and others who I don’t get to see very often. We may not see each other much but when we do time and distance don’t matter.

Words seem inadequate to express the love that I have for my friends. There it is though, a tiny expression of something immense.

Sara xoxox


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